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oxytocin deficient

Are You Oxytocin Deficient?

Do you feel stressed, tired, lonely and disconnected from your relationships with others and even yourself? Do you prefer to stay home than socialize? Have you walked by people you know and didn’t say hi, not because they annoy you but because you didn’t want to interact? Are you missing the warmth of love and…

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July 2, 2015

Dr. Sherman’s Answer to Feeling Better, Faster!

Find Out What’s Been Disrupting Your Health and Wellbeing. Ask About Neurotransmitter and Adrenal Function Testing. Flat Cortisol Curves Signal Danger Ahead Cortisol, the adrenal hormone that helps the body manage stress, impacts nearly all the body systems. Cortisol levels naturally fluctuate throughout the day, normally peaking in the morning hours and bottoming out at…

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April 15, 2015

Cortisol: Friend or Foe?

Cortisol: Friend or Foe? The First in a Series of Stress Management Strategies Cortisol has two primary functions: “Proactive” – where it promotes the coordination of circadian events such as the sleep/wake cycle and food intake “Reactive” – where it facilitates the ability to cope with, adapt to, and recover from stress. In the proactive…

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August 23, 2014