The Commitment


Integrative Medicine of New Jersey is committed to provide the most complete line of science-based nutritional supplements. Available through health professionals, finished products are pure, sophisticated and hypo-allergenic to optimize the long-term health of the most sensitive patients.

An extensive Product Testing Program involves verification of label claims, potency and purity by 3rd-party laboratories.

Ingredients and finished product are being checked for:

• Potency
• Identity (non-GMO)
• Solvent residues (32 compounds)
• Absence of : microbial contaminants, heavy metals, including mercury, arsenic, cadmium and lead, raw materials (when applicable), aflatoxins, melamine & allergens
• Every reception of fish oil or krill oil ingredients:
• 17 dioxins and furans
• 12 dioxin-like PCBs
• 7 PCBs
• Every reception of every fatty acid ingredient:
• Acid value
• Peroxide Value (PV)
• Anisidine Value (AV)
• Herbal ingredients and other potentially exposed categories:
• Pesticide residues (70 compounds)

The Distribution

The recommended supplements contain the highest quality ingredients in their most bioavailable forms and are formulated to provide strengths and dosing consistent with clinical experience and double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, the gold standard of research design. The supplements are registered in the U.S, GMP certified in Canada and exceeds the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) for supplement manufacturing.

Supplements for Sensitive People

Our products do not contain wheat, gluten, nuts, egg, or hydrogenated oils.
Comprehensive Allergen SOP in place to prevent cross-contamination.
We do not add coatings, shellacs, binders, fillers, excipients, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or colors.
We do not use magnesium stearate in any of our products.

Supplements for Vegans

Are you looking for a healthy non-GMO protein powder? FIT Food Vegan Complete is a delicious functional food powder that is free of soy, dairy, and gluten. It may be used as a snack, a “rescue” food, or as an occasional meal replacement. Call Integrative Medicine of New Jersey at (973)736-5300 to place your order!

FIT Food Vegan Complete is a nutrient-rich shake mix ideal for vegans, individuals sensitive or allergic to soy and/or dairy, or those seeking an alternative source of quality protein. FIT Food Vegan Complete features VegaPro™, an all-natural pea and rice protein blend; Aminogen®, a plant enzyme that enhances protein digestibility and absorption; and Artinia® chitin-glucan, a novel fiber that supports antioxidant systems in the body. This fructose-free formula provides an array of micronutrients as well, including high-potency vitamins C and B12, activated B vitamins, and Albion®TRAACS® chelated minerals. Click here to learn more

Full Label Disclosure

Our supplement labels list all ingredients, including the composition of the raw material.
Standardizations of herbal extracts are provided to indicate primary active marker compounds.
Minerals are listed by true elemental weight.

GMO Policy

Our vitamins are non-GMO. This includes vitamin E which is derived from PCR-negative soybean oil, indicating that there is no presence of genetically modified DNA.

High risk ingredients including soy isoflavones and nattokinase are derived from non-GMO soybeans. There is also no detectable GMO material in our soy-derived alpha-GPC or phytosterols. Furthermore, we have obtained non-GMO documentation from our suppliers for ingredients originally derived from corn.

For other ingredients, we have either obtained non-GMO documentation as well or are working diligently with our suppliers to obtain non-GMO documentation.

For more information on supplements make an appointment at Integrative Medicine of New Jersey.

Integra X Transformation Supplement available at Integrative Medicine of New Jersey. Contact us for more information.

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