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About Dr. Rimma Sherman

I was raised in Eastern Europe among a family of physicians. Remembering my childhood, as far back as when I was only five years old, I can still vividly recall accompanying my mother as she visited her private patients. The relationship-centered care she provided fascinated me. I could see that my mother’s patients benefited greatly just from exposure to her grace and kindness. The European model of medical care I was exposed to was holistic – encompassing much more than just prescription writing. In fact my mother’s advice to her patients frequently drew from naturopathic medical knowledge.

As I grew up, a few instances of the holistic approach to patient care I witnessed as a child were particularly memorable. Still living in Eastern Europe, I recall when my newborn first niece developed some problems that were relieved solely through lifestyle and dietary modifications. When my older daughter was an infant and I began supplementing breast feeding with regular food, she began to suffer from bouts of diarrhea. Based upon advice from my pediatrician grandmother, I made a few simple modifications to my daughter’s diet and her issues with diarrhea were solved.

In 1988 I moved to the United States, and became a licensed physician in 1993. Two years later, in 1995,1 commenced my residency. Throughout my professional career, I have always adhered to a model of practicing medicine where I look to treat the whole person, employing a holistic approach first and without harm. I believe in a personal and caring relationship with my patients and derive great satisfaction from providing this type of patient-doctor connection.

Ten years ago when my father became sick with cancer, I started an intense study of the spiritual aspect of human existence along with physical, environmental, mental, emotional and social experiences. Unfortunately, my father’s cancer took his life before I had the chance to offer him the benefit of my learning. Even though I could not help my father, my unique course of studies directly benefit my current patients. I am confident that my many and varied acquired experiences, tempered by my emotional maturation, and are helping my patients today.

In today’s world the business aspects of medicine are becoming increasingly difficult, yet these difficulties seem small, almost negligible, when I am greeted by my many happy patients coming back to me with gratitude and their kind appreciation. It is clear to me that when simple holistic measures help heal body, mind and spirit, it really makes a huge difference in people’s lives.

Over many years of practicing Internal Medicine in my small private practice in Central New Jersey, I have slowly changed the way my patients think about medicine and disease. Initially, and without scaring them, I asked my patients if they would be open to trying some natural ways of healing. Even in the situations where I recommend a more traditional medical course of treatment, my patients always ask if I have something “more natural” to offer them.

Reflective of how I have developed my practice of medicine, earlier this year I changed the name of my practice from Rimma Sherman, M.D., P.C. to Integrative Medicine of New Jersey and am now a member of the “American College of Nutrition”.

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” ~Louis Pasteur

Integrative Medicine New Jersey

Dr. Rimma Sherman

Allergy Doctor West Orange, NJ

Integrative Medicine New Jersey

Dr. Rimma Sherman

Allergy Doctor West Orange, NJ

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