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Doctors Rethink Calcium & Fracture Risk Advice

November 12, 2015 in Aging, Bone Loss, Calcium, Home, Home Slider Doctor’s hardened advice to take calcium to prevent age-related fractures is softening. Two studies in the British Medical Journal released in October 2015, shows that increasing calcium intake through dietary sources or supplements does nothing to improve bone health or prevent fractures in older…

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November 17, 2015

15 Delicious Calcium-Rich Dishes

Grilled Sardines With Aioli         Sardines may be small, but they’re big fish when it comes to calcium, heart-healthy fats, and robust flavor. Try fresh sardines — tossed on the grill for a smoky, delicious hors d’oeuvre. Drizzle with garlicky aioli sauce for as much calcium as you’d get in eight ounces…

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December 1, 2014