Integrative Medicine of New Jersey Partners With Memon Bionic Instruments

We want to make life easier and provide a oasis of relaxation for you. Experience clean air and water – a whole new level of health, free from negative environmental influences.
Technology and nature are not mutually exclusive. The solution is to re-create natural conditions.
In harmony with nature to live and act – that’s what drives us. Learn about how Integrative Medicine of New Jersey can help you avoid radiation.

Renature Your Life!

Nature as a model. Memon technology allows you to use at no disadvantage modern technology without the negative effects of electrosmog, to optimise the quality of the water and to reduce the particulate matter in the air we breathe. Behind this “Made in Bavaria” technology stand people who, thanks to years of research and development, have full confidence in the sustainability and success of the Memonizers, as the products are called. Thousands of satisfied customers and users from all walks of life speak a clear language: Memon ensures that a natural living environment is maintained. For more vitality and zest for life.

Whether and to what extent environmental influences such as electrosmog, geopathic interference fields and contaminated water are harmful and negatively affect our quality of life are being very extensively debated right now. It’s even debated whether electrosmog or rays exist at all, and what exactly those terms mean. We have heard this debate before, around issues such as asbestos, formaldehyde, acupuncture, homeopathy, and tobacco. Remember those controversies? We believe that these dangers currently unrecognised by orthodox science very likely impair our health. And that the influence of energy fields plays an important role in our quality of life.

Information is an essential building block of our lives, and we float on a sea of it. We disagree with the scientific orthodoxy and assume that artificial electromagnetic waves carry information that can change the information qualities of organisms, which allows information that leads to sickness to emerge. This can have a harmful influence on us. From our point of view, it is therefore imperative to protect ourselves from these pervasive influences in order to benefit from modern technology without hindrances, and to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Environmental influences must be considered holistically. We want to create a critical awareness in dealing with modern technologies and by using memon technology to create a balance just where it is needed.

Where are we exposed to high-frequency radiation on a daily basis? We are surrounded by sources of high-frequency radiation in our everyday lives, both at home and at work, e.g.:

• DECT phones (cordless phones)
• Smartphones/mobiles
• Tablets
• Radios
• Televisions
• Satellite receivers
• Baby monitors
• Smartmeter (radio-controlled energy monitors)
• Bluetooth
• WiFi and all digital technology
• Radio aerials
• Satellites
• Mobile phone antennas

“In this study, Prof. Dartsch has incorporated connective tissue cells for the first time. The study is particularly impressive in showing the negative effects of high-frequency radiation on human cells and the importance of effective protection.

This is another reason for us to continue our research, develop new solutions and offer products that allow the use of modern technology providing optimum protection for your wellbeing and vitality.”

Learn more about Memon at Integrative Medicine of New Jersey

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” ~Louis Pasteur

Integrative Medicine New Jersey

Dr. Rimma Sherman

Allergy Doctor West Orange, NJ

Integrative Medicine New Jersey

Dr. Rimma Sherman

Allergy Doctor West Orange, NJ

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