Cardiovascular Health

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Addressing the Causes, Not the Symptoms

Maintaining cardiometabolic health is a number one priority worldwide. And many factors that influence cardiometabolic fitness are among the most modifiable. Major health organizations now recommend lifestyle medicine as a primary approach to address underlying factors, such as maintaining a healthy body composition and healthy ranges in blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood glucose.

Targeted Nutritional Supplements for Cardiovascular Health

Dr. Sherman recommends a complete line of science-based, professional formulas that offer strategic support to help maintain healthy heart and circulatory function, including support for healthy blood lipid metabolism, blood pressure levels, circulation, methylation, and homocysteine metabolism.

Clinically Demonstrated Medical Food Programs for Metabolic Syndrome & CVD

As an industry leader, Dr. Sherman recommends to nutritionally support the management of conditions associated with metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease, such as hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, and hypertriglyceridemia. In clinical studies medical foods have been shown to improve established markers of cardiovascular health when used in combination with a clinically designed dietary plan and regular exercise.

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” ~Louis Pasteur