A New Way to Weight Loss…Genetic Testing for Weight Loss and Optimal Health

A New Way to Weight Loss…Genetic Testing for Weight Loss and Optimal Health

Even though a full two-thirds of Western cultures suffer from weight issues, most people don’t fully understand the mystery surrounding this… but now you can. This scientifically supported solution allows you to finally take control of your weight with the best and most recent genetic research in diet, nutrition, exercise, weight-related health conditions and medication response.

If you’ve ever struggled with losing weight and keeping it off, I don’t have to tell you it’s a challenge. You already know.

What if losing weight could be as easy as personalizing your diet with the results of genetic testing?
I know that sounds incredible. But now there’s an abundance of new research suggesting that the genetic interaction with diet primarily determines variations in metabolic traits such as body weight, as opposed to diet alone. According to the Genetics Society of America, this helps explain why some diets work better for some people than others, and suggests that future diets should be tailored to an individual’s genes.
By looking at why people gain excessive weight, the creators of this comprehensive weight-related genetic test have discovered why obesity is so hard to treat, and why so many people lose weight only to rapidly regain it. The way we eat, how our bodies process foods, and our overall health are impacted by our genetics.
There is no one-size-fits-all approach for weight loss, and it can be difficult, both mentally and physically, to stick to a regimen that may or may not work for you. Understanding a person’s genetic propensity to specific diets, eating behaviors, nutritional needs, exercise activity and health conditions is important to true, long-term success in weight management.
Based on their breakthrough research, Pathway Genomics’ Healthy Weight DNA Insight test provides a detailed plan on how to lose weight that is tailored to you as an individual based on your genetics. It tests a variety of genes that influence your response to diet, metabolism, and exercise-related traits, as well as obesity-related health conditions and medications.

Now You Can Find Individual Answers For Your Unique Weight Management Needs and Become Lean Again

Where do you start? How exactly do you achieve a more desirable weight and more accurately identify your body’s needs?

Through a simple saliva test. With the Healthy Weight DNA Insight nutrigenetic test, Dr. Sherman will be able to help guide you towards a more appropriate weight loss plan- a plan that is tailored to you as an individual based on your genetics.

You’ll be amazed when you finally understand why it’s been so difficult to lose weight and keep it off.
When you know which diet may be best for you and you give yourself the best possible chance to succeed at your weight management efforts.

And it’s about knowing how to exercise for optimal weight loss and other health benefits.

Dr. Sherman provides a complete, detailed Personal Genetic Report so you know exactly how to start and how to keep going. You’ll discover many useful tips to help you stay on track that include 7-day meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as healthy snack ideas!

Clinical studies have shown that individuals who follow a genetically appropriate diet lose more weight and are able to more easily maintain weight loss. Based on a sample of your saliva, Healthy Weight DNA InsightSM provides genetic information that may help you on your weight loss journey. Ask your physician for more information.

Take a Look at What Else You’ll Discover with Pathway Genomics’ Healthy Weight DNA Insight Test.

• Allows for a personalized approach to weight loss – one size does not fit all

• Aids in identifying behaviors that may need to be managed

• Provides information to promote improvement in overall health and wellness

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Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is a key contributor in overall health. It aids in lowering your
risk for developing certain health problems, as well as managing existing conditions. A healthy weight can
help you feel good about yourself and give you more energy to enjoy life. The Healthy Weight DNA Insight genetic test reports on the following conditions and traits:

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Genetic Testing for Weight Loss- Now Available at the Integrative Medicine of New Jersey
Based on important and vital new research, Dr. Sherman offers answers for your unique weight management needs.

With this personalized information, you can now make simple changes that can promote weight loss and boost your prospects of a longer and healthier life.

And you can be assured that when you follow Dr. Sherman’s easy-to-understand blueprint, you’re in good hands.

If you’re tired of trying to lose weight and failing, and you’d like to finally understand why it’s been so difficult for you to lose weight, then Pathway Genomics’ Healthy Weight DNA Insight is for you.

It’s a complex mystery but the good news is someone has finally cracked the code. And now it can be yours.

Call the Integrative Medicine of New Jersey at (973) 736-5300 to schedule your appointment and have your Healthy Weight DNA Insight testing done today.

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